[Denied] Ban Appeal FnaticShadow

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---About You---

Username: FnaticShadow (TheReapersCloak)
Main server you play on: Factions / Survival

---About the Punishment---

Punishment issued: 2016-02-20 20:16:46
Length of punishment: permanent
Reason given in database: Banned for using Xray on factions server.

---Your Appeal---

Do you accept what you have done? No

I do not accept what I have done because i was banned for strip mining for 3 hours in 1 giant tunnel that went across 1000 blocks and going through some of the caves that I saw, some of the caves DO SPAWN WITH VEINS OF DIAMONDS but i guess that when people get 102 diamonds in 3 hours people are like "hes hacking" yet if someone was hacking in that time space someone could have 300 of diamonds by this point in the game? I would also like to point out a fact why would I hack when i just got un banned what a couple weeks ago? yea that makes so much sense when i went through all the effort to get myself unbanned last time. but also can't you guys see EVERY SINGLE BLOCK that i mined? so why dont u go and look at that then tell me if you can tell me how much stone and all the others all i mined? if i was hacking i would of been like "Oh who needs the god damm iron or gold when I can go straight for diamonds!"


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[Closed] Ban Appeal FnaticShadow

Case Internally Solved.

//Thread Locked; Appeal Denied
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