[Denied]Ban appeal - factions

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=== Ban Appeal===

---About You---

Username: Beats1110.
Main server you play on: Survival.

---About the Punishment---

Punishment issued: Permanent ban from factions server.
Length of punishment: Perm
Reason given in database: Xraying (Identified and Admitted) - Permanent Ban.

---Your Appeal---
As a former User Assistant I know how bad it is to see how friends get banned for hacking in any way, the struggle that goes with junior moderators and above having to take their own time out and ban someone for a stupid reason is un-needed.
I would like to have my Perm ban set to a temp ban for any time set that you wish to set it to, any time is absolutely fine with me.
I did use a xray texture pack that I know is bad, I should have thought about it before I did it, I have not only ruined myself on lolnet but I have affected other players, I lost the trust of people I was close with and even worse the admin team, If I didnt get caught for using xray I would never have owned up to what i did, so thank you to Chris, Chosen and 0zlw for catching me out, All i would like is to have a temp ban of any set time length.
Thank you.

Re: Ban appeal - factions

Hey There Beats1110,

Had a talk to our staff team, and from what we have decided, the best course of action for the server would be to deny your appeal. The reason for this because you have been given chances before on lolnet for a few breaches of rules. To clear it up, you will be permanently banned from the lolnet Factions server, however after your 1 week temp ban, you will be allowed to come on to our Network and use other servers.



Final Verdict: Appeal Denied; Thread Locked
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