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Hey who ever is reading this. My name is Jesse. My Minecraft name is PCGalore.

The Key Points:
I would like to become a UserAssistant because I love to help people and improve there experiences.
I believe that I should be a UserAssistant because I have had some past experiences with servers and I love Minecraft and play it often.
I could help Lol Net by helping build structures if needed and by helping players if they have any questions/queries.

Previous Experience and Skills:
I have had past experiences with a server called the World of Elow. I was a builder and an administrator on it.
I don't have tons of experience with plugins but I am willing to learn and explore new features of MInecraft.
I have experience with graphic design so I could help with the website and with your logo ect.

Examples of Contribution to the Server:
One time on the last server I administrated on there was a player that had barely played on Minecraft servers. I had to explain how to get to gamemodes and how the chat works ect.
Quiet a while ago I tried to use xray on a server and got a warning but wasn't banned.

About Me:
Time Zone: NZDT (New Zealand Daylight Time)
UTC/GMT +13 hours
On weekdays - (Mon-Thurs) I am usually on between 4pm - 7pm
Weekends - (Fri-Sunday) Any time

I would like to improve Lol Net by adding more mini games.
I own a headset. I am getting a Blue Yeti in April. I have no idea what a Discord server is.
I have a YouTube channel so I could refer people to the server.

Thank you for your time of reading this application.
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