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The main reasons I would like to become a user assistant is to be more a part of the server and community, also to represent and earn the title of trust with other staff team members and to become a staff member that will love to help the server for LOLNET.

I believe that I should become a user assistant because over the past time of playing on this server I know more knowledge of the server now than I did in the past.

I can contribute to the server by giving advice and help towards new/old players for when I’m on the server; I can also contribute my spare time to make sure that no player breaks any rules.

I myself have no previous skills for operating or experiencing administrating or moderating MC servers, However I have watch a good amount of videos to understand how administrating/moderating a server works (However I’m new to this so I might not know too much but I understand how it works).

I have no experience what so ever with (Prism, CoreProtect, ReportRTS etc) moderating tools but I wouldn’t mind learning how and what they do.

Skills outside of minecraft such as multimedia I am learning at school could help with LOLNETS website or advertising.

There has been sometimes where I haven’t liked what the person was doing and saying and therefore I went straight to the staff members and they banned him.

The times I haven’t been so moderator like is when I used x-ray to start off on a sever, However it was no longer fun so I deleted that hack and started to play normal. There has been another time recently where I have sworn out of disgust of my sister (I apologies if you read that).

My time zone is the AET (Australian Eastern Time Zone) and I’m typically online in the afternoon, unless it is holidays.

I would like to improve LOLNET by possibly giving advice to players, even staff. To make the server better LOLNET could possibly listen to the peoples suggestions in case they have a good idea.

I own a headset with a microphone and I am currently on the discord server as a Donator.

I hope this is enough information and not too much, I also hope you do not mind me going off the Information sheet that cptwin has made.

Sincerely HYPER_BEAR


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Application Denied, user has not met the requirement.
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