deleted "spammy" posts

i have just recently applied for this user-assistant position on the lolnet server and i have just had all my posts deleted because they were "spammy" i will not be considered for this position as i do not have 10 posts currently against my name.

the posts were all about lolnet new things such as i was starting my pvp arena and i was building another bigger one (the post was a lot longer than that i asure you)and the new casino that is still currently in progress but i am generally concerned that my posts have been deleted because i have not before posted much on these forums in the past.

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you had repeated every post so you had 5 posts turn into 10 so i deleted them all and to be honest non of them were constructive

and at the same time you only joined the forum in the last 48 hours so when i log in and see 10 posts in a row by you what do you think was going to happen

cheers Dez