Decorating competition


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Im thinking of Hosting a Decorating Competition on my boat.
It has 4 decks plus a captains quarters. 5 if you include the top deck.

At the moment im planning on using only the 4 lower decks to make it a bit more even on the competitors.
I shall gather a bunch of resources and put them evenly in each deck for the competitors to use.
Each contestant shall have their name on each of their allocated decks whilst the person who decorates the best shall have win 15k cash and have the Captains Quarters named after them allowing them to do almost whatever they want with it.
For anyone wanting to compete in this leave a your name here or message me in game (GhostChops)

If anyone has extra ideas/modifications to add to this or if you simply think this a good idea can you please leave a post.

Thanks GhostChops aka Google_ :D :creeper: