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Why do you want to become a UserAssistant?
I want to become a UserAssistant because i feel like i have spent so much time on this server, 4 years on and off, that is is time to give something back in the form of assisting other users with my vast knowledge of the game.
Why do you believe you should be a UserAssistant?
With my extensive dedication to the server and long tenure i feel like i just fit the mould that is a user assistant
What can you contribute to Lolnet as a UserAssistant?
i have an enormous amount of game time at this point which has lead to me being involved with the large majority of the available mods for minecraft. through this length playtime i have narrowed down my favourite mods to anything involving breeding such as bees and trees and thaumcraft. through my extensive knowledge of these mods which in my opinion are considered to be obsoleted by most experienced players, i will be able to provide a wealth of knowledge to both the experienced and the new.

Previous Experience and Skills:

Have you setup or operated a Minecraft server before? Do you have experience in Administering or Moderating MC Servers or other games?
About 4 years ago i helped moderate a small server comprised of about 17 close friends from school, myself being best friends with the owner. My role was to settle disputes between friends and to provide general game knowledge being one of the most experienced players on the server. (i believe the server was running ftb Unleashed)
What experience do you have with using plugins (Prism, CoreProtect, ReportRTS etc) as a moderating tool?
As a moderator on the previously mentioned server i was involved in conflict resolution, theft and griefing became a serious issue at which point we started using a protection and rollback plugin similar to CoreProtect, i was profficent with it 4 years ago however have not used the plugin for 3 years, seeing as it was a friend only server i never had any experience with plugins such as MCbans.
What skills (outside of Minecraft) could you provide lolnet? How would these help the server?
Yeah i Pretty much have nothing to offer here sorry.

Examples of Contribution to the Server:
What is an example of a time when you acted like a moderator?

As stated previously i was a moderator for a small private server and was involved in many conflict resolution scenarios, in recent years i have been a bit of a lurker however if anyone asks a question in chat that i have a good knowledge of i am always quick to help out.

What is an example of a time you weren't so moderator like?
around about 4-5 years ago on another FTB server myself and my friend used X-ray hacks and Equivalent exchange exploits in order to quickly progress through the game. since then i have not used any hacks or exploits as i feel like the grind is half of the fun for me personally.
About You: my real name is Drew Lindsay Im a 17 year old male living in NZ currently in my last year of highschool preparing to go to otago university to study pharmacy. other than minecraft i play league of legends and rocket league.
Time Zone and when are you typically online: i live in NZ and am on UTC+12:00, i am usually only playing on weekends as i am still at highschool, my typical play time is from 6PM to 4AM

Do you own a microphone/headset? And have you used our Discord server before?
I occasionally use the discord server and do own a mic, i have used it to talk to Dez and someone else when we played league of legends.
Is there anything else you would like to add?
Thank you for taking the time to go over my application, i hope that i am what you are looking for :)


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Re: Application for UserAssistant - DREWLINDSAY

Denied, we are not currently looking for more User-Assistants in common timezones.
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