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So hello everyone. I know I'm not technically new to the network, however I decided it was time for a proper introduction so that people can actually get to know me

My name is Scott. I go by either that or my in-game name DatAtlas. I'm 21 years old, and come from the Edmonton, Alberta area of Canada. I generally love minecraft because it isn't an FPS LOL. I'm a creative, peaceful individual so I don't fully enjoy combat games of any sort. The main servers I usually play on are; Banished, Regrowth, and currently going to be trying Infitech 2. I love every kind of music, writing, and movie/tv shows. I'm one of those people who loves a little something about everything. I want to be a scientist of some sort in the space field, but I'm terrible at math so I'll probably be something else. I know this version of the intro was probably long, useless, and doesn't even scratch the surface of who I am. I don't care though, being different is fun and if you made it to the end I thank you for giving your time to learn about me

Name: Scott
Age: 21
Country: Canada
Interests: Everything
Servers: Banished, Infitech, and Regrowth