CTeagueMCSkinDesignsNZ- CoolBurl's New Custom Order Skin Designing!!


Hey all! :)

So basically, I've been bored recently, so I was like, "Hmm, maybe I could start up my own custom order skin designing!"

I design my skins on http://www.needcoolshoes.com/

So far, only one has been designed, but yea, more to come :D

But... if you want your own sort of custom skin. Everything from looks to clothes to hair to accessories, and you don't have enough time to design a skin or maybe can't be bothered? XD Because I understand, skins can take aaggeess to design if you want detail and the right colour :p So.. yea, I can take custom orders. If you do choose this, then just PM me.


What sort of theme? Job? E.g. Vet, chef, DJ, farmgirl, rainbows, unicorn, fantasy ect.
Anything really.

Colour scheme? You may even want something rainbow XD

Clothing? E.g. Jerseys, pants, shorts, t-shirts, singlets, shoes etc.

Accessories? Bracelets, necklaces, headphones, gloves etc.

And don't forget the hair! Short, long, blonde, wavy, dark... rainbow? :p

Double-layered or just single-layered skin? Specify which parts you want double-layered and/or singled.

Or, if you want to keep the skin you have but somewhat enhance it (shading, changing, tweaking etc.) then yes, I can do that :) Just explain what you want added and/or taken away, changed etc.

Depending on my schedule, the average time for the skin making and have it finished/polished off would be a week? (If it's the weekend, then it will most likely be ready in less than a day) I would PM you a link to the finished skin so you can view it yourself. Give me your opinions on it too! If you're not happy with it, then just tell me what I've done wrong and if you want, I can improve it.

Orrr, you can choose one I've already made.

Hopefully a few orders come through! :)

But remember, this is if you WANT to have a skin designed by me or whatever :p

This sort of thing was inspired by FaMatrix! Since he designs signatures and stuff... and is AMAZING at it too. So maybe I could be good with the skin design thing? So thanks FaM :)

This is all dependant on the user's activity

-CoolBurl :lol:


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Oh hai

Just letting you know that my signature shop isn't always open, only whenever I'm free though.. right now I'm taking a mini break.

So yea, your signature won't be completed in time.. But you can still send private message to me and I'll put you into my Queue.


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Heey Cool :p Would it be possible for you to do my skin as is, but double layer with a white t shirt with straps with a jelly tip on front? So when I take off jelly tip hoodie, I has jelly tip shirt? PLEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAEE


Yep! Sure thing! Although... I said PM or email, but okay XD Will be ready by 6/09/15 :) I will PM you the link to it when finished :D