Cptwin could u run a Bf3 server

hello Cptwin its me ZOMBIE ive been on battlefiled 3 alot more than i should i should be preparing for the Hunger Games But If you could run a BF3 server that woyuld be awesome I wouls myself b ut i dont have the money to run one for long enough BTW can it be a server for PS3

Thankyou soo much ZOMBIE


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It looks to be about $26-ish NZD per month for a 16 slot BF3 server, which would be in aussie as there aren't any New Zealand BF3 server providers (although there are some New Zealand BF3 servers)
I don't know what the requirements for becoming EA certified are, I can certainly contact some people about it.
I didn't think PS3 or Xbox had servers? I thought they were match making only? Or do they share the same servers as PC gamers?
They all share the same stuff because i owned a server for 1 day but didnt have anough ppl on to make it a full server witch is 24 all you need to do is go on ps3 Hop into store Go rent a server then use ur psn card or credit card to get one but its to rent notfully buy but its about 13$ for a 7 day 1 so if u did that just keep toping it p But yeah if you cant thats fine