Cool McMMo Ideas. (Plugin Idea)


Cyber Here,

Hey guys, I was playing some PvP with Beats and some others and while sneaking in a bush, a great Idea struck into me.

We could have a plugin like McMMo but with extra features. Such as
-Invisibility/Unseeable player whilst in grass/plant that is two blocks.
-Range of Tool abilities (So kinda like you can pick what ability you do. Not Just something like Super Breaker as the one ability).
-Abilities/Perks for items such as Ender Pearls, Potions ETC. I thought of something like Drunkness for Potions, or gaining less damage from Ender pearls.

These may be already in the plugin, but I just wanted to post my ideas for like
the Programmer :D

I agree, if there was some way to program those ideas, that would be quite cool. If you could add 'Ability Trees' to MCMMO, that would enhance the feeling of MMO and fighting.