[Completed]Auction Notice 10/10

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To All Users Of The Network,

Starting At 5:00pm NZT A Network Wide Auction Will Be Held On Survival Server. This currency for this auction will be LolCoins. Items for sale will be either global or local, depending on what the user has bought and where they want them. You can mail or forums message myself if you would like to see items added to the auction.

Rules For Auction
-Do not fake bid. Please check your balance via /bal, before bidding on anything. Consequences will take place if this is not followed.
-Bids are final. You may not backout once a bid is placed.
-Most items will be instantly provided. However some will be given after the auction ends, due to administraton tasks.
-Lolnet reserves the right to replace and remove items and objects as it deems fit. LolCoins may or may not be refunded, depending on case by case basis.

Items For Auctions

Single Echo Pet On Survival Server
A single pet of your choice, excluding Human, Enderdragon and Wither. With all commands such as petride and pethat. Starting at a price of 4800 Lolcoins.

Chunk Loader/World Anchor MODDED SERVERS ONLY
A chunk loader on applicable servers, will load the chunks for user while they are away from base and when they are offline. Starting at a price of 10,000 Lolcoins.

Single Use WorldEdit From A Staff Member For Value Up To 12,000 Lolcoins*
Staff member will world edit a large amount of area for users, wether it is clearing land or filling land. Anything is possible. The world edit must be reasonable and cannot harvesting type, such as world editing an area with block of diamonds. Staff reserve the right to refuse your worldedit request if it is deemed inappropriate. Starting value of 8000 Lolcoins.

Sethome On A Server Of Your Choice
An extra sethome or access to 1 sethome command on any applicable server. The command /home lets you visit a saved point. Starting at 3200 Lolcoins

Self explainatory. The item only includes beacon and not the blocks for the structure. Starting price 5500 Lolcoins.

Custom Horse
Avalible on all servers. Staff will spawn a horse of your choice, including undead and skeleton, with an armour, nametag and other features as requested. Starting at 2200 Lolcoins

MyTown Claim Package MODDED SERVERS ONLY *Exclusive*
Avalible on applicable servers only. The package includes 9 MyTown Claim Chunks and 1 single chunk near server spawn, for a possible shop or anything of your choice. Starting at 7600 Lolcoins

Healing Axe with Efficiency X MODDED SERVERS ONLY
On applicable modded servers. The axe feeds and heals your player ingame, not needing food. Starting at 4900 Lolcoins.

Super Speed Potions
A potion of your choice, with super strength, jump or speed, lasting 17 minutes. We are selling an infinite amount of these potions. Starting price 350 Lolcoins

More items may be added during the week or on the day as suggestions are given.


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Re: Auction Notice 10/10

Chunk Loader Information - MODDED SERVERS ONLY
(Depends on which modded servers with mods installed, example: Infinity has World Anchor, Departed has Spot loaders/Chunk Loader, etc)

These Chunk Loaders can be only won during auctions, cannot be bought from server market or traded by other players. These chunk loaders will keep your base loaded while you're offline. But if you're loading heavy chunks (that has many machines/mobs causing server's performance flaw) - we will break it and place it in your chest with warning. Fail to follow instructions, we will take your chunkloaders away and there will be NO refunds.

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