Community Ideas for lolnet Servers/Games


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:diamond: Hi All! :diamond:

We are wanting to get feedback from the community about different mini-games or game servers that you would like to see lolnet run.
What will happen is once we've got a few ideas our lolnet Development team will jump in and start creating some of these ideas, and we can add to our collection of games on the server!

Currently we have:
Custom Survival Games with Kits
Improved version of Skyblock
Spleef Arena's
MineZ (Minecraft Zombie Survival/PVP)

Please let us know what you would like to see, maybe you have a crazy new idea?
Let us know how your gamemode works and we'll try and create it!

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My Suggestions are:
Super Mario cart.
Capture The Flag (CTF)

Someone els Suggested SuperCraftBros a while ago on the forums and James said it wasnt Possible?

Just Some Suggestions :axestone:


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There is no other thing that I could beg harder for than for Lolnet to get KitPVP. I want it so bad, as not only is it ADDICTING, but it is GREAT practice to your pvp skills! I think the KitPVP should be done in a certain way though. I think the Kit you get needs to be

1. Bow with Infinity 1
2. 1 arrow
3. Iron Sword
4. full iron armor except for helmet.
5. Fishing Rod

This is an absolute GREAT way to practice those bow and arrow skills and I HIGHLY recommend this to ANYONE. And I also beg to all Senior Lolnet Staff to PUT THIS IN. :D


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I am not sure if this is implemented yet :?: but is there a plugin to allow users (like me) to filter the chat, for example only seeing server messages and private messages ?? I am just wondering on this as people might know being on the vanilla server your screen is filled with messages.


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Spleef,kitPVP,TNTrun,DrawThatBlock if u don't know what it is search it up it fun,levelsPVP,parkour,redlight greenlight parkour,cops and robbers,hot potato,blockhunt,bomberman,i know u probly cant fit it but try fit the ones u like the sound of the most :notch:


Just FYI Tomahawk, lolnet already has an extensive parkour area. I think you can find the warp sign in the world wards hall.