Come play this awesome hack n slash game!!!


Guys a new mmo that has been in bet for ages has finally come out its called Continent of the Ninth or c9 for short.

To play goto

Ive played this game for about 5 days now and i personally think its awesome go check it out and heres a video of it.

To add me ingame press o for the friends list and add ultimakiller is my ingame name.

Have fun
Cheers Lord_mega cya ingame :D


Me and my friend nick have just played c9 and got to level 20

If you would like to join our guild it is just called Lolnet and my character name is ultimakiller and his is Lemonz

Join this game it is AWESOME FUN!!!!

:D Have Fun Lord_Mega :D


Do it DO IT NOW!!!

Funny story i acciedently recorded like an hour of me and my mate playing c9 so i might edit it and upload it to youtube :D