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i thought i joined the greatest minecraft server ever because it looked secure and everything but inface after about 5 minutes of being on the server i ask for a faction so i can start my new survival mode on this new server so as soon as i ask for a faction with only being 5 min on the server and havent even been able to do anything i was accused by a moderator that was saying something about creepers babe and i had now clue y but he said i was bypassing a ban when i had only been on the server for 5 minutes then after i had said to him that this was encouraging me to join another server he said go ahead so technically

your staff is removing players from the server and i wasnt happy with the service because i was welcomed with a ban really you should fire that moderator he is totaly useless advertizing other servers

AnTieViL 5
Re: worst welcome ever

Hello Again AnTieViL5,

Firstly I want you to refer to











After being banned multiple times, for various reasons, even when given a chance...I had given you another chance in game today, but instead of admitting that you are creepers__bab3 you started being offensive and arrogant, saying you have other servers to go to and you don't really care if you were banned. You would have got another chance if you did not lie...I'm usually nice in game to those who don't lie.

I now look at your ban history...and I don't think you deserve another chance anymore...however I will leave this thread unlocked for another 48 hours incase you have anything to say in your defence, that might change our minds.

Thread UnderReview;

P.S Oh and yes we do have the tools to compare IPs...so please, if you want to play this game with me...I have got all day...
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