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User Assistant Applications.

This is my Application for being a UA.

Why I want to be a UA.

Hi I would like to be a UA why? Well I believe I could bring something to the community of lol net. I think I could help those who may have just started and need a little push to get better at playing lol net or if its someone who has been playing for a while and just needs to know a few things. When I first started I thought how will I ever be able to get a house or a garden or anything, but with the help of UA's, Moderators and just other players of the community I got a house a garden and that was all thanks to all the people I listed earlier. Every body starts somewhere and when I started i had some people who gave me that little nudge to get where i am now.

Why i think i should be a UA.

You don't have to be a UA to help, and i think everyone knows that, but to me being a UA lets people know that your free to help. So if people know that i'm free to help i think people would know that they have someone to talk to.


I have almost no experience with running a server or anything in that area of expertise. And i know that to be the best UA you can you probable need to know at least something about running servers. but to me I could do the things that maybe some UA's are to busy to do. So if knowing nothing in that area makes it so you cant become a UA then i will accept that i cannot be a UA, If this is the case i will help people where i can without being a UA.

What is an act in wich you acted like a moderator.

In several occasions i have told people the basics (/shop,/help) and things like that. I also have sorted out 1-3 fights between players.

Time Zone

I am usually on between 4-6 exept on NZ wednesdays.

With this i conclude please consider my applicaition. :D
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