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Hi guys. Last year I had my data from ShadowsFlare changed to my new acc at the the The_FarQ_Blade by Chosen and after I had it changed I didn't really go on because I quit MC for a while. When I came back to MC I wasnt able to access THe_FarQ_Blade because it got hacked (email and password changed). I contacted mojang but no help. So I started playing on my Aifquier acc (Shared with irl friends that are trusted) and I cant use /modreq since it just disconnects me from the server.
Re: Unable to access my account

Hi There Shadows,

Regarding the modreq, it is working now, so you should be good to file one. And as a note regarding your account, if you are after your old items, we are going to have to need some proof which shows us that ShadowsFlare/The_FarQ_Blade was indeed your account.




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Re: Unable to access my account

Since you've provided us with sufficient detailed evidence, I'm happy to transfer existing claims from The_FarQ_Blade to aifquier. Just contact me in-game and we can begin. :)
Re: Unable to access my account

I actually had them already transferred to The_FarQ_Blade and wanted those claims since thats everything from ShadowsFlare to be transferred to Aifquier.
Thanks for the help