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=== Ban Appeal===

---About You---
Im just a player that enjoys playing minecraft here and there
Main server you play on: infinity.lolnet.co.nz

---About the Punishment---

Punishment issued: 14/10/2014
Length of punishment: Perma
Reason given in database: bypasing placing restrictions

---Your Appeal---

What you dispute: i really don't think i should be banned for what i did since if you look at on the larger scale, i did nothing
Why do you dispute this/evidence: so i found this on the wiki for chunks "In multiplayer mode, a grid with a default inradius of 10 (for a total of 21x21 or 441)" what its saying is 1 player loads around 441 chunks by them selfs so if there 13 people on at the time there would be around 5733 chunks loaded, so i don't see why i was banned for what i did, the full story of what i did was there are ender pumps that chunk load ONE chunk, i think i had a total of about 5-6 of them down so im causing about 0.00087214% of the lag on the sever if theres 13 people on the server, i dont know about you but does it seem like a really stupid reason to ban someone, and yes those chunks are more active then say a fresh chunk created but you can go look, i have no mob spawners, nothing that causes a lot of lag, infact the thing i own that would make the most like is a minecart going around a track.

Additional details/comments: also if you don't want people making 5/5773 of the lag on your server by making loop holes maybe put spot loaders in the shop for say 300 lol coin so players have to play for say a few weeks to get there house loaded because at the moment your donate button should be P2W, and if someone wants to speed up the chunk loading let them donate, or let a donate buttom really be what its ment to be a DONATION, if people like it a lot, they will donate. You don't see twitch streams ( the good ones ) go out of the way to make people give them money... people will give if they feel like it....


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Re: Punishment Appeal - madhouse10101

right lets get into it

you have no idea how many chunks each player loads this is set server side, while the information you have gathered is semi correct it is not for our server which means all your other math can be thrown out with your assumptions, you had 14 chunks loaded at your base not 5 or 6, additionally these items load chunks 24/7 players don't this is why they are not able to be placed in the overworld.

as for your additional details did you bother to vote for the server as you earn 300 coins in one day and the current system requires you to vote for 33 days to get a chunk loader, is a fairly fair trade off as most servers don't let players use them at all/or they are exclusively for donators

you also feel the need to attack the way our server is run? as already stated if we wanted it to be pay to win there would be no way to obtain the chunk loaders with out paying which is clearly not the case, though you still have to earn them.

comparing us to streamers........ streamers have literally no over head, and I can grantee you that more man ours per week are spent improving and fixing bugs on our server than any streamer can spend on there stream as well as us having hardware and hosting costs.

In conclusion, having the pumps removed and placed in a chest the first time (yes some of our code stopping them being placed was broken at the time) and then finding your not able to put them down again would be a pretty big indicator that A. its not ok to use them to load chunks in the overworld and B. that we preform regular checks on chunks loaded in the overworld, why would you go and place them again?

did you expect no action?

and then not only that you are hear disputing the ban

so at this stage I see no reason to unban you

Cheers Dez

PS. having your friend post in support of you will not do you any good
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