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IGN is Veraidux, got permanently banned for using a hacked client.

Am new to the server, joined because my siblings wanted me to play with them and now they feel let down. Would appreciate an unban so I could at least see if I would like to play on this server (banned within 20 minutes of starting, I actually got banned WHILE I was asking people how to claim land).

It is true, I was using a hacked client named WeepCraft to speed up block breaking (for no reason, was just bored while SlyFox was helping me learn how to manage claimed land).

I would understand the perma ban if I was fly hacking or something more extreme.. But I was simply breaking blocks of sand a little faster than most people... Was this really necessary? Regardless, won't do it again <3

Re: Permanent Banned

Hi there Veraidux,

I understand how you think it speeds up your block breaking. However it is still considered a mod that gives you advantage over other players, so therefore yes it was necessary. However since you have proven me with a reasonable logic I may reconsider your ban. I will be closing this topic, because you will get the final decision on the appeal made by your friend, on same IP as you.

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