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=== Ban Appeal ===

---About You---

Username: ponge77

Main server you play on: Infinity

---About the Punishment---

Punishment issued: banned

Length of punishment: temporarely?

Reason given in database: ignored admin's warning.

---Option 1: Your Appeal---

What you dispute: The admin who gave me this purnishment under personal harsh rather than reason without understanding situation of the moment.

Why do you dispute this/evidence:

1. I asked to make some stuff(Thaumcraft item) that I don't know how to make, to other player and was helping him by supplying materials he asked on making stuff I asked for.

2. about the thing especially were under admin's warning on reason of stealing other peoples' playing; fly ring, I give him the ring that I had as a spare not permanently for helping him to do advanture with him. If the admin(Mik) did check all the chat and what we have done through the journey on Thaumcraft, he/she should understand why he asked for the ring as to help himself during the party-playing. and very reasonably, he was about to the stage where he could make the ring by himself with small luck of finding materials such as wither skeleton.

Additional details/comments: I fairly understand that I got warned several times on this issue of giving too advanced stuff to other players who are not ready for the stuff. And so I realized myself not to give stuff to other players for fun of my play as well as theirs. The very moment of when I was told to be banned from the admin, I was doing my playing not disturbing other players fun as under both agreement for making new stuff for each other. So I do not really think it should be the fair reason to be banned from admin who got the bad feeling about me by previous several warning by self.

---Option 2: Your Appeal---

Do you accept what you have done: Yes I accept what I have done in the past.

Why do you think your punishment should be reduced: I understand I got several warning from the admin. However the very moment of the banned, I was doing nothing wrong for reason of banned.

Additional details/comments: Sorry for my bad English as English is not my first language and I tried hard to explain what I have done and the feelings I got. not to be under anger. Thank you


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Re: banned under reason or personal harsh

Ponge, understand a few things.

-I was reading chat, both public chat, and your private messages between you and 1quazkking. I totally understand what's going on. I absolutely know what is going on. Famatrix and I discuss what you are doing. There is no "misunderstanding".

-I asked you not to give out angel rings, resources, and many other things to other players. You have ignored this quite a few times and strangely, those items have sometimes disappeared from other players inventories. You are aware of this.

-Angel rings, stacks of emerald blocks, stacks of wither skull heads, stacks of super golden applese: These are not minor things.

-You continue to give things away, even after multiple warnings. Even today, you were arguing with me about it, proving you just don't get the concept of not giving stuff away. After awhile, staff get tired of warnings and arguing with you. So you got a 2 day ban. Temporary. I'm hoping this gets your attention.

You look for any reason to give stuff out. This actually hurts the server. Instead of playing the game, new people beg you for stuff. Instead of building things for themselves, you hand it out. Doing things themselves becomes "boring", so they quit. Let people play the game. Quit handing stuff out.

Frankly, you are a mix of industry, and sloth. You have nearly everything in the game done and go to do thaumcraft, but don't feel like doing the work your self? The idea of you trading stacks of emerald blocks and stacks of supergolden apples is silly. Not needed at all. You just have it and like to show off. QUIT DOING THIS.

Appeal denied. It's a two day suspension, live with it. It was going to be much shorter, but your last few statements in game actually convinced me to make it longer.


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Re: banned under reason or personal harsh

Thank you for the education.
I deeply recalled my behaviour and found that I was lack of respect onto other players as well as admins.
I did not mean to b offensive to the admin at the moment of being told to be banned but I also agree that I was in anger due to the word of banned.
I sincerely appologize if my behavious in the game play gave bad feelings to others and against admins.

I look forword to see you guys all again in good mood soon.

Thank you
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