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hi i am JOAO and i was kicked bye drac for no reson he said i you have been seen flying in hungergames but i never coz i am only 10 and if you ask hairy he wi;; tell you that i do not hack so plz see to look into this


Re: banapple

Saying you are 10 year old isn't an "Excuse", be honest if you are doing an Appeal.
My brother saw you on Skywars that you were flying too, although he forgot to screenshot that moment. Also, staffs won't ban you If you didn't do something wrong.

-Hairy Out.

P.S Im not on someone's side, because ~Drac told me there are 3 players (including me) who have seen you flying, so don't tell others to ask me if you are flying or not.
Re: banapple

Hey Joao

Hairy is totally correct you cant blame your age for matters. Everything comes from your mindset not your age. YOU chose to be in Lolnet not your age and its the same now.

Since this is your first time The mods might give you a second chance but thats IF they feel that you actually own up and learn your lesson.



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Re: banapple

Given you a chance if you own up = not lying about what you did. First step is to admit you did an action that got you banned. Putting up some bs excuse of "I'm only 10" is just as dumb as what got you banned.

No one is going to excuse a 10 year old for breaking the rules. By that logic we should ban 10 year olds, since we can't expect them to play fair

And who knows how old you are? If saying "I'm only 10" mean't you'd get out of a ban, then eveyone who gets banned would suddenly be "only 10".

Step 1: Admit what you did.
Step 2: Apologize.
Step 3: Promise not to do it again.
Step 4: Take your punishment, and don't try to bypass it, or argue about it.


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ban appeals

I am a fairy princess for using the f word did i get kicked again i did nothing worrng so plz unban me coz i did nothing tell me what i did i wiated for the ban to ueroff and then i got kicked again when i got back into the lobby
Re: banapple

Hi joao,

You are now fully unbanned from the server, if you cannot connect to it, please reply back here with your IP address, which can be found by typing "My Ip address" into google. Thread will be locked in 48 hours if no reply is received.

Appeal Closed;
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