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My name is MINENONATOR2 and i have been an assistant on the lolnet servers ever since it was a single server back when the mod pack was unleashed. I no longer have a status and would like to regain my trust and help out in the community. I've had many friends playing with me and still do (these are people such as Caotical and Mcilduff). I like helping people out and actual enjoy doing so. I know lots about every mod and have played most of the new mod packs. I currently play on DireWolf 20 but I'm also apart of a town in Infitech mod with Caotical. Im fairly sure dezil_nz should know me as we've solved bugs and exploits together back in the day and if he doesn't, he might remember my base which i have remade to be the same.

I've been a helper and had a status for it before on lolnet servers.
I've run my own minecraft sever and monitored 2 of my freinds.
I've helped run a Cs:Go server being an admin.
I've been an admin on dayz servers.

One exploit I've done but I don't intend to exploit anymore, is that on the unleashed server (back in the days :p) you could use the gravity gun to move chests from in towny to the wilderness and then loot them. I told dezil_nz as soon as I found out and he remove the Gravity guns pickup feature.

I have yet to be banned or done anything "illegal" ingame :p
I have told a few people off for swearing but that's because I like to be considerate to others cause I know there are younger players who don't need to see that type of language ingame.

I live in Perth and play on this server for a few hours a day.
I have a mic and headset but I don't have Mumble anymore (Am willing to get it again)

Thank you <3
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