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Minecraft Username
Why do you want to become a UserAssistant?
So I can help as many people enjoy lolnet like I have and get a warm welcome like I have. It feels great to know that you’re welcome to join anytime you would like and I have learned so much like the great feels of multiplayer survival making it feel like it was the first time I ever played survival in singleplayer but it was with friends which made it an even better experience. This is what I want others to feel, it feels great to bring back the old memories of Survival on I believe Minecraft beta 1.3_01 ahh those were the days and then the update of hardcore which made it even better and more fun and lolnet has all this and even more this is what makes lolnet so welcoming and fun, I wish I could give people this feeling aswell.

Why do you believe you should be a UserAssistant?
Because I have helped many people and I have helped (I can’t exactly remember his username) luke, MrBilly and have helped a few others that I forgot. And I feel like I should help people get the same experience I did when I first joined lolnet as it was so nice to be show such kindness and to be welcomed onto lolnet and have the same fun experiences on mudpacks like lolnet adventure where tornados destroy your home instantly when you don’t have a repel block for it and at night time the hordes of zombies that kill you so fast that you can’t go afk without being in a safe place.

What can you contribute to Lolnet as a UserAssistant?
I’m an okayish builder but I have come up with some neat builds so I could help with designing new spawns and minigame maps. I can help out players when in need, like helping them start out if they’re new to the server like the wide variety of servers, remind them some of the rules if they ask “are we allowed to raid” and say just remember /rules is always helpful if you’re wondering if something is allowed.

Previous Experience and Skills:
I have moderated on a minecraft server called CosmicCraft, I am a Moderator on a DayZ Server. I have delt with hackers using Nodus for survival-fly and godmode, we had a neat plugin that showed the hacks that people used on servers like showing violations like survival.fly in factions etc. I have moderated an Unturned Server it was a great experience too.

What experience do you have with using plugins (Prism, CoreProtect, ReportRTS etc) as a moderating tool?
I guess Billy has taught me a few things with prism and coreprotect but other than that I haven’t really used ReportRTS, Prism and CoreProtect.
What skills (outside of Minecraft) could you provide lolnet? How would these help the server?
I have skills with Javascript, C#, php and C++, I did use Html but I guess everyone has that, so I guess I could help code things? Or maybe make a minecraft plugin.

What is an example of a time when you acted like a moderator?
I played Hunger Games on a Halloween Event I believe was in 2014 and helped a friend starting out I can’t remember his name, I guess I said “language” to when people swore in chat but I guess that doesn’t count, I guess I helped a few others too when they were starting out like on pixelmon I helped a guy who helped me to get new town members and help them find low level pokemon.

What is an example of a time you weren't so moderator like?
I think I got angry and may have annoyed Mikhalia on lolnet Adventure and I stopped after that as I guess I got “scared” at his reply of sorts (sorry Mikhalia :L)

About You:
I live in Victoria, Australia the Timezone I believe is AEDT I have school normally on Weekdays so possibly around 3:50pm AEDT and 4pm when I’ll go online and possibly around 7pm-8pm going offline but weekends I have all the time in the world, so possibly 9am AEDT to 9pm AEDT possibly longer depending how tired I am. I love to play video games and absolutely love minecraft as its so fun.

How would you like to improve lolnet? What can we do better to make using the server better?
I would say Lolnet is pretty much to perfection so I don’t really know but maybe more helpful people as not everyone can stay on every hour of the day

Do you own a microphone/headset? And have you used our Mumble server before?
well I guess I could use the laptop microphone but it wouldn’t be that great as it’ll pick up background noise and I don’t wanna talk about my headset (curse you Metal gear solid 5) and no I haven’t used Mumble but I have used Teamspeak.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
Not really other than being majorly sorry to mik :L

Thank you for your time reading my application
Yours’ sincerely