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My Minecraft Username is Fatt_Albert and I would like to apply for a role as an User Assistant.

I would like to apply for this role to be able to contribute to the Server's overall helpfulness and quality in friendliness. I would love to offer those who need it, assistance and advice in anything they have trouble in when it comes to using mods I am familiar with. I believe I would be well suited to such a position as I regularly play Minecraft on lolnet.co.nz servers and am always looking to converse and help others.

Although I have no previous skills in owning a server nor working with external Plugins as moderating tools, I do have experience in design and art.
In many different games other than Minecraft I have help fresh spawns and experienced players achieve whatever goal they are aiming for, however in contradiction, I have occasionally stood out of line standing up for a belief when another has aggressively counter acted.

I am currently located in Melbourne, Vic, Australia with a time zone of AEDT.
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