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Minecraft Username
Dear Staff and whoever might be
reading this. This is my "re-application" for UserAssistant.
I am making this is because I wish to gain back my position as UA.

The Key Points:

Why Do You Want To Become A UA?
Because I want to make sure all players are happy. Making sure everyone has what they need is my goal on the server. This server means more than world to me and I want to do anything I can to help it stay a fun and safe place for people to be. Being a UserAssistant would be a great experience for me.

What Can You Contribute To Lolnet?
Dedication. I've stuck with this server as long as I've been playing minecraft!
I can host events (I've got a really good idea for one which I'll explain later). Helpful advice, provide blocks and items and advertise the server (Which I've already done a lot. Now some of the people I told come on the server a lot!)

Why Do I Believe You Should Become A UA?
1. I am an active, friendly, helpful member of the lolnet community and try to help Users to the best of my abilities. Whether the User needs some Lapis, or they need cobble in skyblock, or just advice or help with commands. I try to help to make sure the player is happy and has what they need to continue on.
2. I am usually on in the early-ish hours of the morning. There are usually a few people on survival. I find that when these players need help, they can't get it because there are no vanilla staff members online.
3. If there was ever to be a test on lolnet I would probably score around A to A++. I first joined the server in late 2012 on a cracked account ( It was so long ago I forgot the Username) and then joined in early 2014 on a premium account and have been learning new things all the time. Lolnet has helped me become the person I am today.
4. To be honest, I only really come on lolnet to help out. If I were to become a UA it would encourage me to help people so their time on the server can be fun and enjoyable.

Previous Experience And Skills:

Have your ever setup a minecraft server before?
Yes I have. The server I currently host is running basic plugins and can hold up to 20 players at a time :D

What Experience Do You Have Using Plugins As A Moderating Tool? (Prism CoreProtect etc)
I have experience in CoreProtect and Prism which I learnt from lolnet. I've used plugins that provide /home and /back and things (Not really moderating tools are they though :3).

What Skills Do You Have That You Can Provide?
I'm a fast learner (So you guys can teach me things xD)
I do know a little JS too. I can also use this programming thing on KhanAcademy which I think is HTML (Not sure) But I can understand it and write it well. I have a reputation at my school for fixes the Computers and People’s laptops and things, They call me "Tech Nerd" *Groans* So I generally a lot about computers. I can draw well and edit and photoshop movies and photos too. I have set up and run a website with weebly,wix and GoogleSites also. I know how to run a YouTube channel too (creating banners etc)

Examples of Contribution To The Server:

When was a time you acted like a moderator?
1. I helped ShazzyShizz Destroy his city by hand.
2. I saved from being killed by pigmen in the nether.
3. I helped Piggysmoo/Piggys_NZ move all her gear by hand (Fingers were so sore after!)
4. Gave a new person to survival a set of iron armour and tools.
5. Told players to keep chat clean and not to spam things like "heifhdjjdjfjfkfnbrbe"
6. I gave Piggysmoo and her skyblock teammate a few stacks of cobble and some iron, food and a bucket.

When Was A Time You Weren't So Moderator Like?
I spammed a lot, got myself muted a few times and thought it was really unfair. But now I know that it's not just about me being happy. It's also others too. Because spamming can be really annoying and get on your nerves sometimes (Trust me I know first hand).

How Would I like to improve lolnet?
Possibly include little mini-missions/games in the lobby if you're bored or whatever. Using the lolnet YouTube channel actively would be cool too.

Do I own a Headset and have you used mumble before?
I have a Logitech G230 in red and have never used mumble before.
Maybe I will in the future :p

Anything You Would Like To Add?
Sorry for long application. (Jeez. Been up all night doing this xP) I hope my application gets accepted. It's would truly mean the world to me if it was.
Thanks for reading.
Re: Application For UserAssistant - Doom_a_nator_687

Application denied as the user does not meet the following requirements

-Must have no bans on record

Thread Locked; Application Closed
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