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Hi lolnet my name is lissiedollie1231 and I am applying for a User Assistant,
Before I start my application I want to say that I have been banned once before for griefing and that I hope this doesn't effect my application to badly because I have tried to make up for my mistake over the last few months by being helpful, kind and on the server constantly, I asked one of the moderators if I could still apply because I understand that on the Application form guide it says that you can't be banned and a UA, and the moderator said that it was fine. I hope you enjoy my application.

Why do you want to be a User Assistant?
I want to be a User Assistant because it would be an honour to be part of lolnets helpful community of amazing people, I really like helping people out because then I feel that I am of some use to lolnet and not just a character playing with other people, I already help people to learn without being a UA, but people don't seek out my help and advice.

Why do you believe that you should be a User Assistant?
I am a really nice person and every since my friend xLuvBugx told me what the rules are on lolnet I have helped out my fellow people and tried to help them learn the rules of lolnet so that hopefully they will help others learn them too.I never swear online, I consider myself a good builder with innovative ideas on new buildings and artistic builds, which I hope can make lolnet look more beautiful and welcoming to new comers and the people who have been on lolnet for a long time. Because when you log into lolnet you want to see loads of amazing builds that make you want to stay in lolnet and just play games which is what lolnet want to achieve with its server.

What can you contribute to lolnet as a User Assistant?
I can contribute advice to other people who are on certain servers, as to date I don't play any modded games on lolnet so I am quite clueless about the different mods that lolnet has to offer and how they work, but I can help people with some of the vanilla minecraft games by helping them with starting off or just giving them advice. I can also contribute maps for games and different ideas for challenges and activities.

Previous Experience and Skills:
My friends and I tried to set up a server, but it got neglected and hasn't been used for a while. Other than that I haven't had much experience with servers or plugins, but as you said everyone has to start somewhere.

What skills could you provide (outside of minecraft) to lolnet?
I have experience in website design because I used to create websites/blogs for a hobby and I used my skills for when presenting my work at school for projects, I understand that this is a skill that a lot of people posses, and I would be more than happy to learn another skill as this would boost my knowledge of computing which in the future is a job I would like to pursue.

An example of when I acted like a moderator:
- I helped Sweetthingz on survival by giving her recourses and helping build her home.
- I helped Piggy_NZ destroy her house and then helped her to rebuild it.
- I helped Sil3ntlova and FUNNYFOX with their island and helped build it to what it is today.
- I have helped numerous people correct themselves by helping them understand the rules of lolnet.
- I helped introduce Brady606 to lolnet
- I helped introduce hokmai to lolnet
- I have helped people with problems that I know the answer to, by this I mean when someone asks a question about vanilla minecraft game modes I have been able to answer on most occasions.

An example of when I have acted not so moderator like:
- I have been banned once a couple months ago for grieving. The way I made up for this was by the second I got back on lolnet I gave what I had taken back, apologised and tried to make up for my mistake, as my mum says "its not the thing you do wrong that matters, its what you do afterwards to correct it".

About me:
I am 13 and I live in NZ, on certain nights I will stay up till about 2am on lolnet or doing homework, so I am quite flexible with time, I do need to catch up on sleep though so I don't always go on until late/early in the day. I am online a lot during the day as well.

Headseat/microphone and Mumble servers:
I don't have a headset or microphone, but my computer microphone isn't bad and it works for youtube and other things that I need to use microphones for. I don't use the Mumble server, and I have to admit that I haven't heard of it before. (I am quite new to lolnet and minecraft). But I am interested to learn and use the server if it is convenient to lolnet.

I want to say thank-you for reading my application and that if there is anything that you want to know/add to my application or just to confirm something than private message me on lolnet because I will usually be on and I will reply as soon as possible.
Thank-you again for your time,