[Closed]Appeal Denied?

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Hello, I am creating this new appeal because Chosen has locked my previous thread due to me acting "casual" about it. Well in this appeal i would firstly like to say that i am very sorry that i advertised a youtube video. If unbanned i will not spam and advertise any other youtube video that isn't about lolnet. Hopefully this appeal will be reviewed and be replied in 1 day instead of 2-3 days and get denied for a petty reason such as acting casual.

EDIT: Also i feel that my appeal isn't being responded earlier because you are waiting for me to log into another account. I have read some recent ban appeals and it looks like you reply faster to appeals that don't even require response and to appeals that have gotten them permanently banned. Or it could be you have a schedule on reading appeals. Answering this would clear this up.


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Re: Appeal Denied?

Rainier7 this appeal is denied I am glad you are remorseful this shows us you won't do it again. You broke the rules and now you have to serve your sentience. As for your comments about your appeal not being responded to in a timely manner might I remind you that lolnet is a free to play server and all the staff are volunteers it is not always practical to respond straight away.

Cheers Dez
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