Cityworld for Warworld?


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This is the old cityworld plugin, which i thought was abandoned, but actually looks to be active.

I know with the changes to forge/bukkit/cauldron/sponge/spigot/bathtub/soaponarope that it may be a bit of work to use it.

It does give an interesting look for a faction/pvp server. The best way is to pre-generate the world before opening it up for players, to reduce lag, since chunks take a bit more to generate. The ruined and decayed options are in my opinion the most fun, as they give it an eerie feel, vs the clean look.

It works well in conjunction with the Wasteland mod as well, for a harder world. Currently i've only seen this used as part of the Cataclysm modpack. I played with it for a couple of years when i was admin on MiningDead.