Chipsz Intro


Hi people, I signed up agez ago to the server, I didn't get it, so I didn't play for long. Then one day I started playing the server again, after I learned how to claim land and well its taken off from there! :)
I still am new to a lot of the basics to Multiplayer minecraft, but I have some things on lock down :D
I have been playing offline for aprox a year or under, and know a substantial amount of the ins and outs of minecraft. I'm alright with redstone tech, and pretty good at constructing things.

So, say hi, and if you want let me know if there is any threads you could lead me to that would further my understanding of online minecraft, I.E certain commands, warps, how to make shops, thanks.

P.S this server is really nice with good people on it, everyone shares a lot and I do to so its perfect.