Bye Maybe


:cry: :cry: I am afraid i might leave lolnet. :cry: :cry:
:cry: :cry: Because i have been banned for no reason and nobody seems to like me on lolnet. :cry: :cry:
:cry: :cry: Saddly this might be a bye. :cry: :cry:
Well first of all tom, people don't get banned for no reason, If its a temp ban just wait till its over. 2nd why would you want to leave lolnet, do nice things and people will like you more. 3rd, try and not spam the forums and maybe it will get you somewhere. 4th if you do leave, cya mate have a great life :)

Chur Rage_Trage


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Firstly:People don't get banned for no reason.

Secondly:If you have been banned please post a ban appeal on the 'Ban Appeals' forum.

Thirdly:Lolnet is a great server to play in, there are friendly staff (To some no but to me there are Friendly Staff) and more.

Fourthly:Tom, At least one person on lolnet has a friend, your not a loner, you have friends :) Like me and if you want more friends be-friend people (User Assistants are friendly we accept everyone as our friends.)