Bye Guys


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Well I first want to say that Lolnet has been the most epic server yet and I am proud to have been a User and lateron User Assistant :D
I won't be playing anymore due to personal reasons but maybe in the future I will come back. I want to thank everyone who has helped me on this server (you guys know who you are). I especially want to Thank the mods and the Uas that have helped me to get the Ua position. Thank you guys . Maybe later on i'll be back to playing and helping you users but for now bye guys :D

Cheers aheadvideos


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It's always sad to see a well known member of the Lolnet community leave. It was fun knowing you Ahead.
Best wishes for the future. :)


farewell ahead, you were great to hang out with on the server and i wish to see you on every now and then, have a good one