Buying VIP with in game money


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Able to buy red stone VIP and small ones with in game money because some people aren't allowed to donate


Hey kabby
You can't donate using in-game money. It has to be at least $25 NZD I think to get RedstoneVIP. Just be happy with what you have cause all of these suggestions will most likely never happen and also, you're posting a lot of things that can just simply be said in-game. This is what we call "Spamming the Forums". You have to learn to only use the Forums for bigger topics going on in your experience on Lolnet. Like you got stuck somewhere or someone is abusing you. You can't just say "I'm playing on this server so much. That's considered Spamming. Instead maybe type up a detailed introduction on the introductions thread and try to be part of the community in-game. I know you want to be a User-Assistant a lot. But this performance isn't going to help. Patience and intellect is key. Remember that. :D



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Like dan said and put damn well lol

It's great you want to be a user assistant. And all i can say is have at it

However, i told you please dont spam the forums, and you definitely did spam. Posts like i like the server, posts like i got my friend to join. Honestly this is not the way to go to. It's great that you want to move up the ranks, however;

1. Your new
2. You have spammed the forums
3. You have made useless and made irrelevant posts on the forums
4. Basically ignored all tips and hints given to you
5. You have disregarded most of the hints and tips and the comments made to you

The ways to help you out;
1. Try being active on the server and the forums
2. Reply on relevant topics and do NOT spam the forums further
3. Try to help people on the server
4. Take in all the tips and hints people have given to you by people that have been here longer then you would know (and longer then they would like to admit)
5. Do what the user assistants ask of you and other staff members
6. Dont make more user assistant applications because they will most likely be turned down
7. My most helpfull hint would be to make the User Assistants AND the staff team to like you to be able to vote for you. The only way you can get User Assistant rank is by getting 10 yes votes, so you need 10 staff members to say 'yes' to your UA poll. So im not telling you to kiss their arse at all, im saying talk to them, help them out and try to be their friends.

To the buying rank with in-game money. The short answer? No
Long amswer: To be able to be in any rank higher then 'user' you need to donate. The meaning of donate: Give (money or goods) for a good cause, for example to a charity. Like Dez said a long time ago, (correct me if im wrong) "by donating we are not obligated to give you anything. We choose to give you something back in return" so if you donate we are giving oh the privilege of what we do give to you.

So you have to help us out, for us to help you out. So giving us $25 in-game dollars is useless as most staff members have 300K+ in-game $$.

So just think about those things


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Well there is nothing bad about adding helpful suggestions but it is quite annoying with you spamming the forums. And also this idea is quite unfair as some donators have paid money that they have saved up and for people to just use in game currency it would be extemely unfair.

And also you are new and you should probably wait awhile before appl and get to know the mods and become a part of the community. Some players i know are only just appl now even after 2 years playing the server.



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Thank you for the useful information I don't want to try and spam I just want to help out the community by being a ua but if I'm not ready i will stop spamming sorry I didn't no I was spamming I apologise and does anyone have a job for me on the game plz