Building Club

Hi its jaxbepic here, I was wondering if anyone would like to make a small building club. I would like a club of 3-5 people however I would like a lot more if possible. I would like to have one or more staff members as they would be useful.

We would have a village on the survival server in which we make houses there when we are bored. We would have a house slightly bigger than the others as our club base with all our building supplies etc.

Creative Plots
If any staff member reads this, would it be possible for you to get us creative plots for each of our builds. If possible this would be much appreciated. If not, we would have to have a couple of members without plots. If we can't get any people without plots, I would be willing to either sacrifice my plot and clear it or we could add onto it.

If enough members would like to have a sky block I would be happy to delete my existing sky block (because it sucks!) to make an interesting skyblock and even possibly putting together our own challenges. Once we have a few members we will decide if we want a skyblock.

Modded Servers
I would be leader of the build club on vanilla servers but if we get enough people that play on modded servers we could make something similar to what I mentioned for survival. I would look for someone with good leadership that would be able to be leader for modded servers and co leader for vanilla. I would be looking at a more popular server, possibly DW20 or infinity but if members like other servers we could do that.

I don't intend to do factions, however I could kick all people from my faction (lol) and add everyone in the building club.

If you would like to join this building club, ask any questions, or have any suggestions, I would like to hear from you.
-jaxbepic :diamond:
Also, if its easier than posting on the forums, you could try to meet up with me on the game itself. I usually go on around 4pm about 4 days a week
I plan on doing our first build in creativeplots. It wont be a big build, it will just be so we get used to working with each other :)


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How about "The Waikikamukau Builder's Guild"?