BRING THE MAP BACK..... prease

Do you want the map back?

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  • No? (Lag can be combated by turning down your graphics.... some users do not know this, I believe.)

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I Know you guys hate lag, But I am finding it difficult to continue playing without the map.
I keep losing shiz and after the removal of the old world I find myself at a loss.
I cant find certain areas etc... for me it made the game experience smoother and less frustrating to find land.

Does anyone else feel the same?

And would the lag make that much of a difference?
i didnt play with the old world at all.. statrted out in pluto, so i dont have this problem, but the lag ws making a significant affect on everyones gameplay, and it has lessed now that the world has been removed. if you want, i could find some real good land for you, just tell me what you want


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The lag isn't graphical lag, its server side lag that we are getting rid of.
And also people want there house to be away from everyone else aka me but if we had the map people could find your place and build a huge city next to it witch also happened to me so there are disadvantages for having the map as well


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Post from other thread:
0zlw said:
I would like to address a number of the arguments that you raised in your post - replies made in reference to both of your posts (Case for merger?)

Point 1: No lag issues

5TR3CH said:
I never came across any major lag issues, Is this the only reason?
And would the lag make that much of a difference?

The lag was serious and debilitating server side lag created on the server. Comments and complaints from players included the server being unplayable, and personal response from users was less people playing. Evidence: Server during some of the weeks where this occurred went from our peak of 50+ players -> In a week to having 5 or 6 players on at the busy times, 10 if we were lucky. Plenty of evidence here about the lag.

Point 2: My time has been wasted, world has been deleted:

Its kinda lame after seeing the original server map go up in flames and then now this... hours sometimes months wasted. on creations
I keep losing shiz and after the removal of the old world I find myself at a loss.

This change has been communicated by all of our primary communication streams, including facebook, twitter and ingame. We provided users with a whole months notice, all communication points linked to this page. This page provides comprehensive information on, why we are removing it and why we were removing it. And if this is not enough, in-game for an entire month we ran notices telling you that the world would be removed providing links through to this page. These notices ran every 10 minutes, in bright green text.

You claim all your stuff is lost and this is the end of the world. We ran a massive building shift campaign, a partial quote is shown; Information shown:

Fear not though - we are giving you 1 months notice (31 Days) before we do this, because we know this is an important change. The exact closing date and time will be: 14th of November 2012 (14/11/2012)

In this 1 month period staff will be assisting you in moving buildings into the New World (Pluto). Note - These will only be moved if you follow the steps below:

1. Mark out the exact area of the building you want to be moved using easily identifiable blocks.

2. Pick a precise location you want your building moved too and if possible mark this with blocks.

3. Make two modrequests - One in the location of the building you want moved, and a second one where the building will be moved

4. Wait for our Staff to come and assist you, follow the instructions of the staff member carefully. If your building is extremely large, they may do this in a period later in the night when less users are on. Your building may be moved without you knowing.

5. You house will be cut from where it is and then pasted into it's new location. Mistakes may be made, cutting and pasting is not a precise science

6. While we will make every en-devour to assist your, we do not spend all of our time on Lolnet and have other things to do. Your house will be moved when we are ready and free to help you. All requests to shift your house that are made BEFORE the: 14/11/2012 will be done before the world is updated. If your requests are made after this date, we may not have the time to move your house.

We as staff put our time into helping users of our server move their house into the new world. If you had paid attention and followed the steps, your stuff would have been moved by us. if you followed the correct steps we would have been happy to move things for you, as we did for every user who did.

Point 3: We have comprised our integrity by taking these actions

Can we please have actions in place instead of crude deletion, so we can preserve our creations for the future. And so we can take action to improve the servers performance without Jepordisng the servers integrity.

1. Your creations would have been preserved by following the instructions. There was no crude deletion. There was a 1 month promotional campaign in which we provided all this information, accessible by a click on a linke every 10 minutes ingame.

2. We have not compromised our integrity in anyway. We:

1. Provided a descriptive and detailed post advising you of these changes and why they are necessary
2. Gave you 1 months notice
3. Provided you with a way to shift your stuff
4. Ran notices every 10 minutes with this information

The staff here recognize some of the backlash that occurred when we may have arguable mis-handled the Warworld change. We made sure none of that would happen here by providing you with time, and the ability to take your buildings with you. We made sure that you as the user was the first priority, protecting your stuff and ensuring your satisfaction was not compromised. We took "actions" and not simply "crudely" deleted it.

And lastly, you can still get your stuff, we have the world on load for a short period of time for users who despite the notices, the reminders and the posts, for whatever reason failed to take notice of these posts. Please make a modreq in game to get a staff member to attend to it.

However thankyou for participating in your efforts to contribute to the server, by providing your view of our actions, which at the end of the day, is simply like our goal, to make this server a better place for people to be.


well i have an idea...... maybe we should bring the map back for just like a day or more, for people that are feeling bad about the map being gone, and for them to bring their items back to 1.4 world, so they could continue playing on lolnet.

P.S. I lost my items, too. but just a single chestful of diamonds, armour, tools and things i stored in my tower


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All points are valid, but my point was that it was a strategic resource for example. users looking for large chunks, could use the map so they did not come across another player or unwanted terrain by accident and you could find your way around the map easily.

The map has big advantages if it can ever be reinstated, Is there a simpler version that could be used? Lag is going to be a never ending problem with large servers such as this one, and I feel like and this is just me; that the server is like watered down milk, the lag is slowly sipping the milk and the only thing to replace the milk is water, a poor substitute.

To everyone who runs the server you do a fantastic job, and I appreciate your commitment and knowledge as I have no clue as to how this server runs, dont see this as an attack against your time and effort to make this server run. But how much can this minecraft server actually handle? because if the map can no longer function and possibly other sub routines that I am not aware of, is there now a need to limit the amount of users per server?


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I feel like I'm not exactly sure as to what your new set of points is about. Please correct/elaborate if you feel I am mis-intepreting them

I don't really understand what exactly you mean by it being a strategic resource. The new map functions in a similar way to the old map, except this time there are 4 beginning points for building, which should infact spread buildings out further, and make it easier to find free space. I don't quite understand how the new map is such an issue in regards to this first point.

Nor do I quite understand your metaphor. If your saying that by fixing the lag we are watering down what we offer, non of the staff here would agree with you. We would say that the new spawn and its offering is better than the old spawn. We have nicer buildings, a shorter, easier walk for people to make it through, as well as even better, improved architecture. The old spawn was uncontrolled, and a largely deserted place. Buildings were built and left alone and many other issues arose. If you would elaborate on this, telling us which features your think we have watered down, it would be appreciated and we can use this feedback to improve things.

The issues with the previous map include it being ridiculously big, while many of the core chunks were occupied by a wasteland of deserted, un-occupied buildings. Our lag issues are not to do with the amount of players on, which our server can and has proven to be able to cope with, but rather issues with resource distribution and the way plugins work. The large spread of running multiple worlds is resource intensive due to the requirement to load more chunks, for little benefit.

If you do have comments on what you think are some real negatives of the new world, we are open to all ideas to improve the server experience for all players.