Botania's overpowered and mytown2 protection override


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I found this thing(or bug) when i was playing snow fight in Mod VINDICTATOR's base with him.
Botania's Horn of the Wild hit any forms of grass, seed and harvestable crops(and snows) and can b gethered by magnet thing.

The thing happens at this point.
when u are in other's claim with perm setting as no access of blocks or items, u cannot modify or hit their belongings.
But, with Botania's Horn of the Wild still works hitting the ground so wheats and crops on their farm can b harvested (if pickup perm is true)
However u cannot use Horn of the Wild inside of other's claim steright as so if u walk or fly getting in the claim while u are holding right mouse button running the Horn, it works to harvest all the crops of the claim overriding mytown2 protection.

I reported this to modreq and got answered frm the mod that I need to make a ticket for it. but dnt know what ticket means so.

Sorry for my bad English.



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By mean 'ticket' - we have our ticket support system via

We're currently aware of that and we're looking for a fix.