Blossom; Kitchen Sink with some different mods.


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It is that time again! I’ve been throwing mods at a wall and seeing what sticks, and Blossom is the result.

So why pick Blossom?
Being a kitchen sink pack blossom is not really about anything. But I have tried to do things differently enough that the pack will still give you an interesting new experience. A handful of the more familiar mods should help ease people in to the pack. While a slew of newer and less common mods provide an interesting experience for the veteran players.

So where is the pack now?
The pack is in late alpha, just about ready to be play tested.
I am only making a small number of tweaks to the pack, mostly to prevent conflicts. This pack is not intended to be gated, progression or tweaked.

What cool things does the pack offer?
  • Baubles and artifacts to find as loot
  • A literal Meat shield
  • A customized overworld
  • Lots of new potion effects and enchantments
  • New mob to cuddle or kill
  • Many small utility mods
  • Wall-jump! To help you parkour!
  • More food to cook than is sane or reasonable
  • Spice of life: carrot edition; up to 100 additional hearts on offer.
  • Chests and barrels in every flavour of wood.
  • Blue Redstone
  • Sleeping bags AND tents for that authentic camping experience
  • Make armour from candy cane
  • Clock work pickaxes
  • Flying with broomsticks
  • Little Tiles to make totally custom doors
  • Armour made of literal cactus
  • Travertine for all of you high class flooring needs
  • Summon ice giants to hug creepers on your behalf
  • Put a cow in a jar
  • Smack zombies with a frying pan
  • Make literal absinthe for your friends
  • Built a scanner to help locate those precious diamonds
  • Poison yourself with deadly radiation
  • Use lasers to make draconium
  • Hit things with a variety of hammers
  • Acquire super powers
  • Alluvial ore deposits
  • Construct the ultimate endgame items, The Galactic potato!

What is NOT in the pack?
  • Actually Additions
  • Advanced rocketry
  • Applied Energistics 2
  • Avaritia
  • BloodMagic
  • Chickens
  • Ender IO
  • Environmental Tech
  • Extra Utilities
  • Extreme Reactors
  • Galacticraft
  • Gendustry
  • Industrial craft
  • Mystical Agriculture
  • ProjectE
  • Refined storage
  • RFTools
  • Simple Storage Networks
  • Simply Jetpacks
  • Storage drawers
  • Tech Reborn
  • Thaumcraft
  • Tinker’s Tool Leveling

What is in the pack?
The familiar;
  • Botania and addons
  • Draconic evolution (ele demands his wings)
  • Forestry and binnie’s (but no gendustry, sorry Zane)
  • Immersive engineering and addons
  • Industrial foregoing
  • NuclearCraft (common but largely unused)
  • Railcraft (common but largely unused)
  • Thermal Expansion
  • Tinkers construct and addons

The unfamiliar;
  • Academy Craft (super powers)
  • Arcane Archives (magical storage)
  • Bewitchment (a re-imagining of witchery)
  • Charset (vanilla plus style addons to the basic game)
  • Cuisine (more food than you can poke your fork at)
  • Davinci’s Vessels (build an airship and fly your base around)
  • Divine Favor (magic via ritual)
  • Electroblob’s Wizardry (make wands, cast magic missile at the darkness)
  • Embers (clockwork, steam powered laser guns)
  • Evilcraft (make magic by stabbing things)
  • Grappling hooks (because more games need hook based traversal)
  • Ice and Fire (Dragons? Dragons!)
  • Metallurgy 4: Reforged (chestplates, got to craft em’ all)
  • Prodigy Tech (machines powered by hot air)
  • Rockhounding Chemistry (I got a PHD so I could play minecraft)
  • Roots (I made armour out of wood and magic)
  • Runecraft (because runes are cool)
  • SG Craft (stargate based teleportation)
  • Totemic (that mod that I used for 30 seconds in sevtech?)

  • Aether Legacy (Flying sheep)
  • The Atum 2 (Pyramids full of undead)
  • Better Nether (Nether enhancement)
  • End: Reborn III (End enhancement)
  • The Erebus (like Australia if it was underground)
  • Ice and Fire (Overworld enhancement)
  • NetherEx (Nether enhancement)
  • Rockhounding Rocks (Overworld enhancement)
  • Rockhounding Surface (Overworld enhancement)
  • The Betweenlands (stay out of my swamp!)
  • The Twilight Forest (kill all the bosses!)

  • ArchitectureCraft
  • BiblioCraft
  • Blockcraftery
  • Cathedral
  • Chinese Workshop
  • Chisel
  • Decocraft
  • Earthworks
  • Engineer’s Decor
  • Ferdinand’s Flowers
  • Just Build It
  • Not Enough Roofs
  • Plants
  • Rustic

Full Modlist here

If any of this sounds interesting to you, do please drop a like and or leave a comment.

P.S. send love, I have a few days off work after having 3 wisdom teeth surgically extracted.
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Sounds interesting - I've grown a little tired of progression-based packs lately, so this sounds like it could be a nice change.

One mod that came to mind as I was reading this was Alchemistry - it was a mod that was in DD&SS, and focused on breaking blocks down into individual elements (i.e. breaking coal down into carbon, water buckets into hydrogen and oxygen, and maybe iron?), then combining and using those elements to make completely different things. I honestly had quite a lot of fun playing that mod, figuring out what stuff would be good to break down and what other stuff could be made in turn. I haven't seen it in any other major packs at the moment, so maybe it would be worth considering for this pack?

Link to the curseforge page for the mod:


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I am not sure how well it would integrate in to the mods already in the pack.
It looks like it could take quite a bit of work to get everything hooked up if I did use it.
I will have tinker with it a bit.


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Looks interesting, a bit of a change from the usual - I'd be down to give it a go :)


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So now you have no wisdom teeth, are you still Dr_Teath?

Anyhows, what was your storage strategy in the pack? I would be keen to give it a go, but with all the magic and exploration mods, I want to make sure I don't have to have rooms of chests :p


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@anarki99nz I still have most of my teeth? Had the surgery on Thursday and still can't eat solid foods.

There is no 'all in one' solution, because I like to build storage systems.
I want people to have to engineer and build a solution rather than plonk down a controller/terminal/drive bay and be done with it. I know this is not necessarily a popular idea in modded.

I have included plenty of mods with parts for storage systems.
'Charset Storage' has both chest and barrels.
'Metal Chests' replaces the 'iron chest' mod providing large than normal chests.
'Immersive Engineering' has silos and tanks that hold large numbers of items
'Industrial Foregoing' has black hole tanks and storage systems that can hold literally billions of items.
'Botania' has its corporeal system and is extended by the 'Incorporeal' mod.
'Enderstorage' provides long range chests and tanks.
'Arcane Archives' is a newer magical storage system mod that has mass storage and transportation.

We also have things like draconic chests and the various storage systems in bibliocraft, binnie's, charm, thermal expansion, rustic etc.

Hopefully the lack of AE2/RS will not discourage people.

I had a bit of a play around with Alchemistry but it does not provide a lot of inbuilt support for mods. Hooking it up would take a significant amount of work and I am not sure it is worth it in a kitchen sink pack.


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EDIT: It is done! Available here.

Blossom has been submitted to curseforge and is awaiting approval. Available here when approved.
Some minor changes from the OP.
Evilcraft has been removed; due to a client size render bug causing crashes.
Rockhounding: Chemistry has been removed; because it added a lot of content that did not do anything with out a huge amount of tweaking.
Blood magic has been added; because I wanted some black magic in the pack.
X-net has been added; to help with moving items and automation.
Open computers and several plugins along with an x-net compatibility plugin have been added; to help with automation and generally because it is cool.
I will post in the discord when the pack is available.
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