Benzpie Moderator Application


hey everyone, i am benzpie and i wish to become a moderator.
i have been with lolnet for quite a while now and i believe that i can only do good for the server and it's awesome players
i want to become a moderator to help everyone on the server and create awesome things i am 15 years old and therefore responsible.
during my time with lolnet i have tried my best to become friends with everyone

if i become a mod, i will stick by the rules and follow my own:

-first priority: help everyone
-when building something for someone calculate cost of materials for them to pay but do labour for free
-be everyone's friend
-make no enimies
-dont build eyesores
-dont take up too much land

thank you for your consideration diamonds to you - Benzpie


Minecraft Username
I've copied your application to the staff board, we'll take a look