Being able to hit yourself with an arrow in survival 1.9


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Hey guys Unk here, I was wondering why can't we be able to hit our self in survival 1.9? when in 1.8 you can. I was just asking if you (Staff) could be able to enable it and so we could be able to experience the new 1.9 arrows such as, Swiftness, strength and leaping arrows etc. I don't see whats the problem with it. I'm just asking for a better survival play.

- Unk :)
We have PVP disabled in the global region, this is why you cant be hit with arrows, even if they are your own. If we enabled that, many players would be very upset.
Phenton said:
What version of minecraft is the survival server currently in and is the iP
Vanilla Survival is 1.9.4 and you can connect directly via or via the compass from lobby at