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i got banned from the server without warning, i was complaining the server was pay to play considering the amount of claims you get
the only inappropriate thing i said, was i called the server homosexual.



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Hi beef.

The appropriate section on the forum to make a request is the ban appeal section, found here: viewforum.php?f=34

We stand by our claim chunk policy as fair, and believe that we balance the need to cover our substantial monthly server costs, against ensuring things are fair for players. We think 9 chunks per player is a reasonable starting point, especially compared to server who make you pay for making a town, claiming each individual chunk etc.

Some claim chunk economics for you:

You have three options to accumulate claim chunks, voting, donation for lolCoins and donating for ranks.

Let's take a $20 donation. Donating for a rank grants you 4 extra claim chunks on any Lolnet server you play on plus other benefits, and an increased vote multiplier enabling you to claim more chunks.

Alternative you could buy $20 worth of lolCoins = 24000lolcoins + 4 days of voting = 27 claim chunks from your friendly server store. We think thats a fair amount to pay.

Once again, if you would like to appeal your ban, you may do so on the ban appeal section.



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1.) You had the situation explained to you several times by several staff.
2.) Staff understood the situation, and listened.
3.) There are several ways to get more claim chunks past the 9 you get. You don't like those options. (I'll note you don't bother to vote, which would have given you the coins to gain more chunks.)
4.) Because staff didn't do what you want we "Don't listen and don't understand".
5.) Finally, you got insulting. You then got banned. And it was not "for no reason".

The person who isn't listening and doesn't understand would be you. Go read the rules about putting in a ban appeal and follow the proceedure if you want to get back on the servers.