Banished: 2 bugs ive noticed


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Hello all! A bit new here, wasnt sure where to post this but ive found 2 bugs in the banished server, 1 ive already told mods about

1. The Memory fragment from the thaumcraft questline in the HQM book does not work. It simply said when i used it "Target player could not be found" and used up the item. Google seems to think this is a problem when running multiplayer.
2. Going to the deep caves (have 1000 points in mining, and then jumping into the void) appears to make the server crash. Did it twice with only me on, and both times i was stuck in void for about 10 seconds before I was kicked to the lolnet lobby. Not sure what would cause this, but to avoid, probably would want to have some sort of warning up for other players.

Sorry again if this is in the wrong place.


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1) This has been broken since the pack first came out. Sorry, but that's a problem we can't fix. It's a known error in the pack.

2) There are no extra dimensions in banished, as far as i know. None. No end, nothing.