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---About You---

Doritos Brah (steam name)
Main server you play on (or Survival): FiveM

---About the Punishment---

Punishment issued: Ban
Length of punishment: Indefinite
Reason given in database: VDM RDM Didn't communicate

---Your Appeal---

What you dispute: Was my first time ever joining an RP game of any kind, let alone in GTA. I have a few friends who play on this server and asked me to play with them because i was over smashing out countless games of dota/cod and wanted to play something more fun with mates. One of my mates came past and as he left told me to install FiveM and to join this server and wait for him to get on and he will run me through how to play. I pretty much jumped on as soon as he left, made my character and started running around trying to work out what to do. Was probably only on the server for a solid 5 minutes before i found a car and was just driving around when i saw a couple of people standing in front of their cars. I ran them over, saw they didn't die and was like "wtf is this?" so i turned around and hit them again. Jumped out of the car thinking you can loot so walked up to the body. Had someone else that was there walk up to me and was staring at me for about 15 secs before i received a ban message. My mates told me that whoever it was, was trying to communicate with me but i'm that much of a noob i didn't even have voice enabled because i had no idea how to turn it on.

Why do you dispute this/evidence: I thought if i run someone over the people playing police would chase / arrest me etc, i didn't know that you're not allowed to just randomly kill people. I should have read the rules but was keen to jump on and get into it because my mates were hyping up how good it was. I've read the rules and have had everything explained to me now, so seeing if i can have another chance to play correctly.

Additional details/comments: TLDR: Big noob who thought it was like gta online and didn't read the rules or even know what all the key binds are asking for another chance.


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Double and triple check the rules make sure you follow them, your ban was lifted.
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