Auction List 29/08

Hey all,

Listed below are the items and perks we will be auctioning off this Satuday, in our weekly auctions.

1) Slime chunk map on survival server ~ 8400 Lolcoins Start
2) Special trial effects in lobby ~ 3100 Lolcoins start
3) Access to BuildingServer + Own private world ~ 12000 Lolcoins start
4) Beacon on Survival server ~ 5000 Lolcoins start
5) Ender dragon fight ~ 2400 Lolcoins start
6) Trade center booths on Survival ~ 800 Lolcoins start
7) Dez marshamallows on any server with drac evolution ~ 500 Lolcoins start
8) Chunk loader on applicable servers ~ 12000 Lolcoins start
9) EchoPet pet of your choice on Survival Server ~ 8300 Lolcoins start

Other small items may be added on the day, ussually under 1000 Lolcoins.

Special staff only auctions will take place at some point during the auction night

* = Terms and Conditions may apply. Please check with Administrator if you have any question.


I like the sound of the third one! :D Except 1. I don't have enough lolcoins :/ 2. I'm not even gonna be there anyway :(


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sweet as im keen on a few Auctions on the list there :) when will be the next Auction?