Auction List 08/08

Hey all,

Listed below are the items and perks we will be auctioning off this Satuday, in our weekly auctions.

1) Personal bodyguard in Lobby Server - Starting Bid: 4500 Lolcoins
2) A world anchor on a server of your choice - Starting Bid: 10,000 Lolcoins *
3) 15 Minutes dinner date with myself (TheChosenOne), with dezil_nz acting as piano player and FaMatrix as our waiter. Starting Bid: 3500 Lolcoins *
--More Coming Soon--

Other small items may be added on the day, ussually under 1000 Lolcoins.

* = Terms and Conditions may apply. Please check with Administrator if you have any question.


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I was thinking, Lol, I could buy 2 Anchors for 10k, then I noticed it was WORLD Anchor, Dat Global Chunk Loader <3