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This May, Lolnet will be breaking ground and finally participating in something we've been wanting to get involved with for a long time...

We're proud to announce we'll be running the Minecraft building competition at AuckLAN 6 2014 (as well as some other cool mini games over the weekend)!!

AuckLAN 6 is a 180-person LAN event for both Console and PC gamers, taking place between May 16-18 at North Harbour Stadium. The event boasts both full speed fiber from MikiPro as well as high-speed networks from Netgear. A BIG tournament list run by some of the country's top gaming communities will be announced soon, complete with a hefty prize pool from even bigger sponsors! Book your ticket at or phone (09) 361 1000.

More info at and

This will be a first for us and and we are very much looking forward to seeing you there, so make sure you pop over to say hi ... there is a rumor around the internet that even Cptwin himself will be coming to help judge the competition!

Cheers Dez