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Hello Lolnet staff! I (Mr_Inf3rn0 also have been known as Inf3rn0666) wish to apply to be a User Assistant for your minecraft servers.

I would like to be a UserAssistant because I enjoy helping people out who are having trouble. Not just with confrontation problems but even with modpack help or just general help with anything.
I believe I should be a UserAssistant because as I said above I enjoy helping people. So really its just for the enjoyment of myself.
I believe I could contribute lots to Lolnet as a UserAssistant. I have never been shy with suggesting any opinions that I or any others may have told me and will always strive for a great quality time for everyone on the server.


I have had experience with many modpacks. From playing around with simple bukkit addons to tekkit volts and pretty much any modpack you could think of. I have even made custom packs for me and my friends to play.
Right now I am playing on All the mods 3 pack on the Lolnet server.
I have started many minecraft servers using hosting services like creeperhost and cubedhost. Even my other friends have started servers but always ask me to set it up because for some reason they can't seem to get modpack servers running.
I have had plenty of experience with plugins but most of them from earlier in the day with some basic bukkit addons which included McEdit, Towny, PermissionsEx and Worldguard. In regards to Prism, CoreProtect, ReportRT it doesn't take me long to get the hang of anything new so I will have it down pat in no time.
the only decent skills outside of minecraft I have is experience with running other servers for games like Ark - Survival evolved and Arma 3. Other skills that I am slowly learning is javascript to help create my own mods and some graphic design which I studied for a little while at Waikato University.

Since being the admin of many servers I have had to deal with plenty of trouble between players and general griefers. With most griefers I gave atleast 1 - 2 warning depending to severity of the grief and if they broke those then it will be an instant kick/ban. Other times I have had to deal with plot overlaps and people ganking in a PvE server using exploits. Majority of these problems were an easy fix. Plot overlays or boundry clashes obviously can be a bit tricky to deal with but I have resolved these by just convincing atleast one of them, Usually the one not complaining since they were easier to deal with, to build in another direction.
There have of course been times when I haven't been so moderator like. Plenty of times on mates servers where we would tend to get into some friendly competition which usually escalates very fast and I never handled well. But those were early days for me in the minecraft world.

About me:
Well my names Chris. I am a Husband and Father of two kids (who no doubt will play minecraft) who is online quite often due to be in between jobs right now so Now my times range from being on around 8ish am on and off between then and noon then usually on quite a bit from 7pm till about 3am - 5am. (Yeah I don't sleep a lot. I blame the kids)


Ways I could improve on lolnet is perhaps oneday being a mod or someone who could help with server side issues and getting some things fixed fairly quick. But usually you guys are very on point with that so there isn't much else really wrong with the server. I do like a good challenge though.

Do you own a microphone/headset? And have you used our Discord server before? Yes yes and yes

Only other thing to add is hopefully you will consider me and I will be around regardless of what happens anyway. Also sorry if I have written too much never really applied for many things like this
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