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Why do you want to become a UserAssistant?

I feel with my past experience on Lolnet and other mc servers i could help the community grow and expand, and be the best Lolnet can be.

Why do you believe you should be a UserAssistant?

I feel i am once an active member of a great community and wish to see it grow and improve back to the old days.

What can you contribute to Lolnet as a UserAssistant?

A nice easily approachable person with good conflict resolution skills, Good experience as Staff on Minecraft servers giving me experience and knowledge of staff commands and mods.

Previous Experience and Skills:

Currently a Moderator on another NZ based Minecraft server and have been since 2013 which has taught me a lot over the years. (Dez knows which and i will not mention, as the server is still running, Ish)

Also past staff on Lolnet in approx 2013-2014 (may pay to speak to Dez for details)

Due to these above mentions i have used and still know to a fair degree a fair amount of modding and administrating tools, Yes these mods have changed over time and i would need a refresher or a cheat list for commands but i know how most work and function.

Are you playing on a modpack right now? Which one?

Currently playing on Continuum and enjoying it so far, the pack could be improved and isn't as hard as i hoped but its a popular pack and has most of the mods i enjoy playing.

Have you setup or operated a Minecraft server before? Do you have experience in Administering or Moderating MC Servers or other games?

Has been a very long time since i last setup a server was more for my own playing around and experimenting with mods and other add-ons to Minecraft.

What experience do you have with using plugins (Prism, CoreProtect, ReportRTS etc) as a moderating tool?

As mentioned above I have been past staff on lolnet and have used these plugins before along with others on other servers. I also understand how powerful a lot of them can be and how much care is required when using them. Likes of World edit and voxel sniper can kill worlds or causes mass lag and crashes.

What skills (outside of Minecraft) could you provide lolnet? How would these help the server?
(eg: Website Design, Graphic Design, Experience with running other game servers etc)

I am currently employed as a Electronics Technician, Previously a Registered Electrician and Chrous Technician both fibre and copper networks. I don't think these will be a great deal on help with lolnet, but thought i would mention them anyway as you never know.

Examples of Contribution to the Server:
What is an example of a time when you acted like a moderator?
(Conflict resolution, helped a newbie, community spirit)

Off hand i cannot think of any specifics because i feel there has been way too many. I have always been one to try share the knowledge i have learnt to others, I also have been one not afraid to ask for help or questions regarding specific mods or packs if i do not know the answers. That's the best thing about the community most people are happy to share there knowledge and tricks.

What is an example of a time you weren't so moderator like?
(Argued with another player, exploited a bug, tried to use x-ray)

On various occasions, No only ever done these sort of things for testing purposes on servers so we could administrate a fix to stop other players doing them. Also to understand how bugs work etc.

Although I'm sure over the many years of playing Minecraft i have gotten into arguments with other players over silly little things.

About You:
Time Zone and when are you typically online. (We are looking for a diverse range of timezones to have more staff available more often):

Guessing this is going to be one of my faults. I'm in NZ and have a 7.30-4pm job Monday to Friday so i am unable to play during those hours, That however doesn't stop me from being on discord most of this time on my phone, Other then that i could be on at any time, i normally hop on when i get home at 4.15 as a lot of you have noticed and enjoy the game for a few hours.

How would you like to improve lolnet? What can we do better to make using the server better?

This is a very difficult thing to do. It would be nice to see the larger numbers of players lonet has had in the past but that is very difficult as a lot of people have moved onto other games and Minecraft isn't as popular as it past was.
I think lolnet staff are currently doing a great job fixing bugs promptly and releasing new servers and modpacks trying to keep up with the modded Minecraft community. I think the server hardware is very good and allows for a great MOST of the time lag free experience i understand this cannot always be done due to badly written mods or bugs.

Do you own a microphone/headset? And have you used our Discord server before?

Yes and use it regularly. i may not talk a great deal of time but I'm quite often there,



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Thanks for your interest in helping us as a User Assistant. However, given the number of quite recent infractions of our rules, one occurring within hours of a previous warning by staff, we will have to decline your application for now. However, follow our rules and show us you can lead by example, and we will be happy to reconsider a new application in the future.
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