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Hello all,

First, i would like to thank you all for reading this thread. Second, i would like you to know that my MC name actually is TheFlie01 and is being changed back at the beginning of May. If you are looking for me on the web, I have been using TheFlie most of the time.

The Key Points
Why do you want to become a UserAssistant?
LolNet is a great community with good packs. In my eyes, a good community exists on people being online and about people helping each other out when there is need to. This is good base to keep growing and improving.

Why do you believe you should be a UserAssistant?

When people have questions I do like to answer them. It makes me happy to help people just as much i like to have answers from people if i have questions. I am answerring/helping users often, greeting newcomers from time to time. It is the way I like to present my personality without putting a stamp on everyone.

What can you contribute to Lolnet as a UserAssistant?

An active and vigilant person who cares about people coming online and/or playing on the server. I like to be friendly to anyone the most I can. I do believe that it is important to be understandable and is quite important to be able to contribute to the server. As of languages i speak/write Dutch/English. German a bit less and French a little.

Previous Experience and Skills:
Please read answer further below, about administering/moderating servers.

What mods/modpacks do you have experience with?
Age of Engineering and Skyfactory 3 (the most popular ones beside upcoming SevTech)

Are you playing on a modpack right now? Which one?
Skyfactory 3

Have you setup or operated a Minecraft server before?
Yes, i have setup a server before. It is some time ago and it expired after some time. I have not been running any FTB modpack, only world edit.

Do you have experience in Administering or Moderating MC Servers or other games?
Not in MC, but in other games with communities existing on thousands of players. I have been Game Operator on an FPS (First Person Shooter) game, browsergame as well as Chat Moderator and Forum Moderator. Maybe you know those games, so will list them here:

- Operation 7 EU --> Regional Game Master (For a year I took the responsability for all players in the Benelux)
- Ogame NL --> Game Operator, Chat Moderator (IRC)
- Ikariam NL --> Forum Moderator, Chat Moderator (IRC)

Regarding the amount of the people on these communties (thousands) I have had to issue warnings/ban people on a daily base as well as being online to be available for any questions/issues people have.

What experience do you have with using plugins (Prism, CoreProtect, ReportRTS etc) as a moderating tool?
Hardly any, but i am a quick learner and willing to improve my knowledge.

What skills (outside of Minecraft) could you provide lolnet? How would these help the server?
I tend to organise things if needed. I am friendly/helpfull minded because I believe that is the way we should treat each other.

Examples of Contribution to the Server:
Latest contribution was made today, mer731 asked about conduits connections, i did my best to answer it. Greeting newcomers, welcoming them and handing out some usefull lolnet links to start with.

What is an example of a time you weren't so moderator like?
I have never been really a bad guy. Like I earlier said, I think being friendly and helpfull is the best way to get in contact with each other.

About You:
I do live in The Netherlands, where the timezone CEST is active. I am online as much as possible which is during the week 4 hours or more every day. In the weekends a lot more.


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Congratulations! ElToresPeCausa/TheFlie01.

Application: Accepted

User Promoted to UA. Welcome to the team.

- xElementzx
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