Another hacker



Hey guys, just letting you know, that andanu is hacking, he is flying. And i am not just guessing, it isnt just lag. he few up to the hotel in Newtopia, and then flew down. And he is currently flying up and down and i think it is to annoy me?

If you could just make this server better by banning this guy (or whatever you want to do) that would be great :D



I know how to stop the hackers because I know how they hack they use the Minecraft sp as do many people this is becasue of the offline they can come on as any one they want they could be Cptwin or 0zlw. I know this becasue I have come on as another player but because of the bukkit plugin that makes the passwords they can not hack anyones account on lolnet UNLESS they guess the password

Thanks for your time