Amazon City. Coming soon


Hey lolnetians I'm very cloose to beginning a gigantic project known as Amazon City. It will be situated in the Jungle near East Gate ( Very close to my Infamous Treehouse) and will have lots of productive facilities. Including an iron Golem Farm And a Trading Village. I just Cured 3 Villager Zombies and I'll be breeding them soon. Plots will be $2000 and will be 20x20 spaces so you will have tons of space to build. There will also be 2 levels. One for people who want to build on the Ground, and the 2nd for people to build up in the trees. If you guys want a Plot in this City, then msg me ingame and i'll keep you updated with the Progress of the City.

Note: you need to pay an Extra $500 to enter the Trading village and Iron Golem farm for 24 hours or $20000 for lifetime Entry.
Reason: Iron Golems Give Overloads of Iron And Villagers are Rare on lolnet. I'm one of only 3 to 7 on the whole server who has villagers. :D

And if any Facility is Griefed, then you will be reported to the Mods and .Admins