hi I would like to ask you a few questions hopefully you'll answer them quick.

1. What happens to the world after the server will update to 1.3 (And you probably will because of awesome new things like trading) because I don't want everyone's house to disappear especially people who have put lots of effort into their house.

2. Will our items disappear because Lots of people have good items

3. Will our money disappear (Though i'm pretty sure it won't just clarifying)

Thanks for your time

yours sincerely,

Jklancer :D


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1) We usually try and keep the world/worlds. It depends on the new biomes. If they change quite a bit, then we'd keep the current world but rename it and make the newer world default.

2) No, your player files remain even after updates so you wouldn't lose your items (hopefully :p )

3) The money is based on the essentials plugin and would depend on how they update it their end.

I do everything I can to keep everyone's items, balance and builds as safe as possible during upgrades.
Thanks, now me and my friends on the server don't have to start again because it takes a while to get good at lolnet.

Jklancer :) :p :D
Yeah ive had the 12w26a with is the snapshot of 1.3 and everything is pretty much the same apart from survival and creative inventory and someo other stuff so i think everything should be the same